Color Selection

Acid stains come in a number of earth-toned hues (as shown above) and as illustrated in the Galleries on this website.  The colors above are produced from proprietary blends of Kemiko stains.  We are also skilled at using acid-etching stains from other manufacturers, including Surecrete, Butterfield, Brickform, Scofield, Chemcoat, and HC Infusion, and are happy to apply these upon request. 

Under normal conditions, acid-etching stains do NOT chip or peel or "walk" off (as acrylic or pigment based stains tend to do). The special mixture of acid, mineral salts and wetting agents reacts chemically with the lime in the concrete and adapts to the unique mineral composition of your slab. 

Because each slab is different, we can NOT match our stains to a particular color swatch.  Instead,  we apply samples to an area of  your slab that will later be concealed (for example, under the kitchen cabinets). This is the BEST way to predict how a stain will look on your concrete. For this reason, many of our clients prefer to select their wall paints, cabinets, countertops and fabrics AFTER they make a color selection from their samples.